Easily raise your own mealworms for your chickens (or lizards or other mealworm-eating pets)

Great article!  Been buying dried meal worms for my hens to snack on, but that’s a pretty expensive treat. Thanks! 🙂

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Do you feed your chickens mealworms? You can buy them live from the pet stores, or dried from stores like Fred Meyer, or garden/feed types. The thing is, it gets expensive to buy them and honestly, it’s really easy to raise your own! 

What you need:

  • 1000 large mealworms (This is my recommendation, you could start with less if you want to)
  • Wheat Bran (I bought mine from Fred Meyer in the bulk section)
  • Container (I’m using a long, low-depth storage container, like the kind you put under the bed)
  • Veggies (for moisture in the container, you can use rinds, potatoes that get a bit wrinkly, etc)

What to do:

Dump out the wheat bran in the clean container, and dump in your mealworms. Add your veggies, put the lid on (either drill air holes in top of container/lid, or leave it slightly ajar). Let them do their thing! 

Adult darkling beetle, among cast off mealworm skins Adult…

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