Free Range Eggs and Free Range Chickens FAQ’s

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We keep hens and bantams of various breeds which all run free range. Eggs are sold from our ‘Honesty Shop’ which is basically a small shed where people can help themselves and leave their money in a tin. We get the same questions asked regularly so here is my list of FAQ’s and our answers.


What is a Bantam?

Bantams are a small version of a chicken and come in most of the same breeds of the full sized hens. They lay smaller eggs but the yolk itself is almost the size of a hens egg. You get a larger yolk to white ratio so these eggs are brilliant for cooking anything custard based e.g. quiches, sauces, ice-cream. They are wonderful for children who love their own ‘little eggs’ boiled and not many adults would turn their nose up at a 4 fried bantam egg sandwich, full of lovely golden…

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