Animal Rights Group Target My Pet Chicken… Oh Brother!

Before you read this disturbing attack on the safe shipping of day old chicks by the nut cakes who are circulating a petition against My Pet Chicken… I’ve been ordering chicks from My Pet Chicken for years with a 100% survival rate upon arrival every time.

my pet chickenFrom the My Pet Chicken Blog

We have recently been the target of a petition started by a vegan animal rights activist which denounces the shipping of baby chicks. It’s time to bring you all into the loop.  The following petition has received more than 71,000 signatures to date:

Be careful what you wish for: the petition that harms chickens

This Silkie Bantam is one of five that arrived perfectly healthy from My Pet Chicken last Sept. In the shipping container was clean bedding and a heat block that was still warm.

Note: Did you know day old chicks ingest the yolk when they hatch and don’t need any food or water for up to three days?

Silkie 10-27-13


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8 Responses to Animal Rights Group Target My Pet Chicken… Oh Brother!

  1. Those folks are just crazy.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Interesting and some people are just dumb. Hope this latest Baja storm doesn’t dump as much water on Phoenix as that last storm 🙂

  3. edshunnybunny says:

    At first, it bothered me a little bit about ordering baby chicks through the mail, then I asked myself, “Where do you think the baby chicks at the farm stores come from?” I read and did my research, learning that baby chicks don’t need any food/water for up to three days. I recently ordered 8 baby chicks from My Pet Chicken, and all 8 made the trip beautifully. I received the chicks within 40 hours of receiving the ‘shipping notice’. There was poop in their nesting box, proof they were ingesting something while on their trip! I wouldn’t hesitate to order from My Pet Chicken again!

  4. Some people who think…maybe that’s the wrong verb…about chickens and shipping really should find more to do with their time. AND, they should check facts BEFORE doing STUPID STUFF like starting petitions !

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