Bedtime Snack Before Bed

Every day at dusk the girls wait for me to bring them a snack before they retire to their hen house for the night. Hard to see them, but you’re not missing much, they’re all *molting and look a little rough around the edges!

This is their first molt, perfect timing too, they should all be feathered just in time for the winter months.

Silkie Coop 9-23-14

Silkie Coop 2  9-23-14

Unfortunately, with all the commotion from the storm damage, rebuilding the barn and moving the flocks so many times, it looks like I’ll miss my breeding season.  I counted on four Silkie hens to be broody right now… and they aren’t.  The transition has been stressful and they must not feel settled enough to get back in the swing of things.

I’m already looking for specific bantam chicks locally, so far no luck, and the online hatcheries are all sold out of the hard to find breeds I’m looking for.  I still have a month though, haven’t given up yet.

This Year’s Chick Wish List

Japanese Bantam
Mille Fleur d’Uccle Bantam

*Molt: Each year chickens molt, or lose the older feathers, and grow new ones.





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3 Responses to Bedtime Snack Before Bed

  1. Our hens are moulting too, and the cockerels in particular are looking rather ragged having lost their beautiful tail feathers.

  2. polloplayer says:

    I have a Mille Fleur and they are great little birds! Perky and docile; mine just raised three chicks and was such a terrific little mother. I hope you end up getting your wish of a Mille Fleur.

  3. The rooster in the number 1 slot is beautiful. I owned a Japanese hen years ago. Not much of a layer and a bit flighty.

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