Meet Our New Silkie Chicks

Aren’t they cute? Two buff and two white Silkie Bantams, 11 days old.  I tried to order Silkies from every reputable hatchery across the U.S. and they were all sold out.  Must have been pure luck that I found these locally. Unbelievable! 🙂

Silkie Chicks 2 10-8-14

Silkie chicks 10 8 14
First time using the new brooder…

Brooder 10-8-14

This is also the first time that I’ll be using a Brinsea EcoGlow without any other source of heat. I’m very pleased NOT having to worry about regulating temperature, or the fire hazard of a heat lamp.  It was hard to make the switch, it doesn’t feel like it provides enough heat. But after much research about what radiant heat is and how it works, I was comfortable using it.

I like the idea of rearing chicks in natural light. It would be great there was a low wattage light on the Brinsea brooder but there isn’t, so I provide them with nite light after dark.

Silkies 3 10-8-14



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