Resident Predators

Although this magnificent owl is a predator and totally unwelcome in my chicken yard, I can’t help feeling honored by it’s stunning presence. We have two owls that are regular visitors at TBN Ranch. They are usually seen at dusk.

Owl, Arizona

This rattlesnake is definitely a predator I could live without…  unfortunately Arizona is home sweet home to them. With a little a lot of respect we manage to live together in peace. There have been probably 6 rattlesnakes found on the property over the last 10 years… not too bad. None of our chickens or chicks have ever been a victim.

rattle snake

 Photos by friend Laura

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2 Responses to Resident Predators

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow, Scary stuff! (the snake part, anyway). The owl looks like a very impressive bird.

  2. That owl hangs out at my house, too!

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