The Making of an Amazing Chicken Coop

Interested in how other chicken keepers manage their chickens?  I know I’m constantly looking for ideas on how to make chores easier, better ways to stretch feed bills, bedding choices, and most of all housing.

I found this outstanding chicken coop on BackYardChickens, it’s certainly worthy of a little recognition! Click on the pic to see inside the coop and the building process.

The Breakfast Club
By: EIEIOchick / BYC

BYC Coop

4 thoughts on “The Making of an Amazing Chicken Coop”

      1. Maybe he doesn’t know you really want one! The best way I know how to get a project done that I’m completely incapable of doing is to start it myself… watch how fast somebody who knows how will put their two cents in… then step back. ha ha!

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