Broody Hens, Chicks, and Young Pullets

A place just for them keeps peace among the flock. Here’s the set-up I have to help keep it all organized.

Funny thing about chicken coops, no matter how big we build them, they always end up being too small. Here at TBN Ranch we keep expanding, so rather than admit I can’t afford to build a giant elaborate chicken operation, we add-on. I prefer to call these add-ons chicken condos, where they are quickly multiplying in our large fully covered, partially enclosed shedrow barn.

There’s a young man here in town that builds quality custom coops, and a little at a time I’m able to expand my set-up.  I had another coop delivered today, this will almost complete my plans for the young birds, broody hens, and hatching area.

Now I have to get busy finishing my sale/quarantine pen on the other side of the property. I decided to minimize any health risks that could be introduced to my flocks by chicken owners visiting the farm to buy birds.

Author: amy elizabeth

Writer, Author, Artist, Chicken Keeping Resource Blogger

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