Rooster Jo

Almost 4 months, and one Silkie finally let me in on the secret of it’s gender. Actually, it wasn’t a big surprise when I heard my white Silkie attempt to crow this morning. His name is now officially Jo, not Jojo.

Silkies are nearly impossible to sex until they’re mature enough to either crow or lay an egg. If you watch them often enough, their behavior sometimes offers a clue, but even still, nothing is ever for sure until that moment of truth.

Jo Silkie 1-15

6 thoughts on “Rooster Jo”

    1. I must admit I have my doubts, sounds too good to be true. Thing is, I haven’t heard any negative feedback… so I guess I’ll just have to try it for myself!

  1. so sweeeet! We have a few at that age also. Don’t they grow so fast? My view on sexing is that if it looks to pretty it must be a boy.

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