Life is a Gift

This is Fanny, he was the chosen Silkie Rooster on our little farm that would be re-homed. Today he found a nice home where he will rule the roost currently occupied by 4 pullets exactly his age.

He was lucky, the fate of a rooster is often doomed for slaughter, especially in an urban setting. But don’t ever be in a hurry, put in a little effort, and find a way to give all God’s animals a place to enjoy a happy life.

Fanny Silkie Roo

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7 Responses to Life is a Gift

  1. ellekaysoap says:

    I seem to find homes for most of my extra roosters. A few with bad attitudes dont make the cut but for the most part I can rehome them.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    Aw, he is a real poser too!! LOL So glad you found him a good home!

  3. daphnecybele says:

    Yay, congratulations to Fanny on his new home, and good for you to find it for him!

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