Quick and Easy Chicken Hypnosis

Need to handle a chicken who’s a bit unwilling? This is a cool trick to know if you need to get a close look at a bird for whatever reason.

Next time you need a chicken to hold still, give this little technique a whirl…  seems silly, but it works. However, some birds do respond better than others.


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6 Responses to Quick and Easy Chicken Hypnosis

  1. L Lindall says:

    Reblogged this on The Homestead Experiment.

  2. davidbick01 says:

    Many thanks. I’d noticed that if you stroke their necks they become immobilised, but the finger in the dirt seems almost magic!

  3. This is weird but neat. My question is, how do you get them still long enough to draw the line? We have trouble catching some of ours.

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