Donkey, Ass, Burro, and Mules… Making Sense of all Those Confusing Terms

Down to the Nitty Gritty | Mules & Donkeys

The Mule is a cross between a donkey stallion (called a jack) and a horse mare. Hinnies are just the opposite – a stallion horse crossed to a donkey jennet.

For all purposes, hinnies and mules are classified and shown together under the general term Mule… Read Article

Donkey Terminology, Which is Which and Why…

Ass is the correct term for the animal commonly known as the donkey, burro, or jackstock.
The term comes from the original Latin term for the animal which was Asinus. The scientific term for these animals is Equus asinus. The term fell into disrepute through confusion with the indelicate term “Arse” meaning the human backside…  Read More

Understanding the Donkey

They may be members of the equine family, but if you’re trying to train one, you probably already know donkeys and horses are absolutely nothing alike.
The donkey is smart, real smart, patient, extremely strong, and not in any way intimidated. They think, reason, and have the ability to make decisions. That gives them all the ammunition they need to test your patience, or worse, hurt you. You will need lots of patience when training a donkey, but, equally important is learning to read their body language… Read More

Need an extra hand around the farm? How about a donkey?

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