Why Does Your Dog’s Haircut Cost More Than Yours? Ask Yourself These 20 Questions

Travis haircut

Next time you complain about the price of dog grooming, there are few things, (20 to be exact) that you should take into consideration.
Grooming a dog takes much longer than your hair appointment, and for good reason.

If you don’t think so, then ask yourself these 20 questions.

1. Do you bite your stylist?
2. Do you poop everywhere during your haircut?
3. Does your stylist cut your hair and give you a bath?
4. Do you jump around in the chair while the stylist is cutting your hair?
5. Does your stylist pull the hair out of your ears?
6. Do you shake your head and soak your stylist’s face with drool?
7. I’m guessing your stylist doesn’t shave your privates?
8. Do you poop or pee, or both, when your hair gets wet?
9. Does your stylist give you water, then take you for a walk?
10. Would your stylist stay after hours when your ride home is late?
11. Does your stylist cut your nails?
12. Do I even have to ask if your stylist empties your anal glands?
13. Ever asked your stylist to pick off ticks and rid you of fleas?
14. Does your stylist have to dig out giant balls of crud in your eye corners?
15. Does your stylist have to shave around giant warts on your back?
16. Does your stylist clean your ears?
17. Would you ever compare your haircut to a wrestling match?
18. Does your stylist pick you up numerous times during your appointment?
19. Does your stylist make bows for your ears and spray you with cologne?
20. Is it fair to assume you don’t bite the blow dryer?

Groomers have a hard and time consuming job, and that’s why your dog’s haircut costs more than yours.

amy elizabeth
Ret. N.D.G.A.A. Certified Professional Pet Stylist
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