Introducing Chicks to Your Flock

Sharing ways of introducing new birds… today it’s from Day’s Ferry Organics

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Ready for an adventure Ready for an adventure

If you have an established flock of chickens, introducing them to your new chicks is a careful process.  Once your chicks are about six weeks old they are big enough to tolerate the environmental challenges of living outdoors, but they may still face a difficult time integrating with the much bigger, usually bad tempered, hens. Making sure that your chicks are big enough to protect themselves is important and you should not try to move them out into your coop until at least six weeks of age.  The best strategy to making sure that this transition goes smoothly is to get both parties used to each other before allowing them to actually interact.

Our trio at six weeks old Our trio at six weeks old

Many people use “grow out pens” for moving chicks into the coop.  This can be any kind of smaller wire structure that you can put in your run, or…

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