Ridding the Chickens of Hitchhikers

Well, it’s my turn to deal with poultry mites!  This is a new problem for me, so after much research on how to rid my flock of parasites, this article by the Chicken Chick was the one I chose for my game plan. Great information and easy-to-follow instructions.

When I noticed one of my Silkies having feather loss, at first I just assumed she was molting. However, it was obvious after time passed that she was not following the ordinary sequence of feather loss. The tip-off was her vent area looking irritated, which suggests she might have mites. Although I couldn’t really see any signs of cooties, her feathers are dull, she’s feather-pulling and picking at herself.

Last night I treated all the birds, the coop, and the coop area, and changed bedding. I was lucky, yesterday the temperature was only 100, and at least I was able to work without sweating to death. Hopefully, those 115 days are over now that we’re in the monsoon season.

The joys of chicken keeping aren’t always a joy, sometimes we just have to accept the unpleasant stuff, take the good along with the bad, laugh, and sometimes even cry. It’s all a part of owning chickens!

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