Can you Identify These Pretty Birds?

These birds were in my backyard today, anybody know what they are? They sure don’t look like wild birds to me!

Fancy Birds

8 thoughts on “Can you Identify These Pretty Birds?”

  1. Good to see a bird I hadn’t seen earlier. Wild parrots and parakeets are sighted often around my place. Even though a few species of lovebirds are endemic to the Indian Ocean region, I haven’t spotted them in the wild yet.

    1. I’m excited about these birds… I’m thinking of getting a bird feeder now! Maybe it will help keep the wild birds away from my chicken feed.

    1. The description from the web site for rosy-faced loverbirds says this:

      “Wild birds are mostly green, blue rump, pink face and throat. Escapees from capitivity are frequent in many part of the world. Feral population exists in Pheonix.”

      1. Yeo, sounds like them! I’ve had many people on FB say they are peach faced lovebirds and many have been seen in the Phoenix area. First time for me, but I’m glad they
        stopped to visit here…. pretty!

      2. Peach faced is another name. Sounds like there are a number of feral populations in and around urban areas of Arizona now.

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