Hatching Day has Passed, Still Hopeful

Peaches, Silkie Bantam, still dedicated to her eggs. Day 22

There are five eggs under my Silkie hen since August 1st around 4pm. That means yesterday should have been hatch day… here it is Monday, and nothing. I know a little late is still ok, but I’m starting to think something has gone wrong.
I didn’t candle the eggs, so who knows what’s going on. The hen has not abandoned the nest, so I’m just going to hope that there’s still a chance.
It was brutally hot here during week two, temperatures soared to 117, which is crazy for this time of year. We should be right around 104 in August. For now, we just wait and see if this hatch is a fail, if so, we try again.


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  1. Got my fingers crossed that they’ll hatch!!

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