Unfortunate Outcome on Hatch Day

During the incubation period mother nature decided to bring record breaking 117 degree temperatures in Phoenix for a few days. I’m blaming the weather for a failed hatch.  Mother hen is out with the flock again, and she seemed quite happy to get out of the brooder coop.  Next month I’ll try again.

Silkies 5-29-15

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14 thoughts on “Unfortunate Outcome on Hatch Day”

  1. The same thing happened to me this summer, and I also figured it was because of a few very hot days at a very crucial time that the chicks were developing. Both times the broody hens finished up their days and were really good at sitting on the eggs, but none hatched out. I hope it works for you next time.

      1. None of my hens went broody this summer. But they’ve begun laying eggs again since our weather cooled down. Thanks for the tips on mites which you thought could be a cause for no egg laying. I checked and saw no sign on the hens. The rooster, however, has lost a lot of feathers around his neck. They looked chewed. Mites? No hens are like that.

    1. No, she stayed on the eggs. I removed the eggs after 25 days… then checked to see what was up, eggs were duds. Just to darn hot here, my fault to assume the the 117 degree temperatures were over.

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