New Silkie Bantam Chicks

After our failed hatch, the hunt was on for quality Silkie chicks. I drove too far and paid too much, but that’s what happens on short notice. Why the rush? This is the last week to start chicks without a heat source. The coolest temps will drop to 90 during the night. Days are 105 on average, and with a mist system near the brooder the temperature is just about right.
The mission of having chicks was a success in spite of the failed hatch, and now I’m just happy to have the four little fluffy butts in my barn. I’ll try another hatch in October.

Silkie Bantams DOB 8-24-15

β™₯ Name a Chick and Put your Blog in the Spotlight! β™₯

I’d like my readers to name the chicks, put your best names in the comment box! If your name is picked, I’ll write a post about your blog with a link sending a little traffic your way. πŸ™‚Β  Best names will be chosen on Sept. 3rd.

Note: The chicks are straight-run (not sexed)

8 thoughts on “New Silkie Bantam Chicks”

  1. How about Popcorn or Powder Puff for the white chicks? Maybe Caramel, Buttermilk or Custard for the buff? And Jellybean for the black one. (Must be very food-orientated tonight!). Got to agree – very very cute!

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