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LittlesundogLove the simple life? Animals? Does a homestead on ten acres with wildlife roaming free on nature’s lush offerings interest you? These are the things many people just dream about. Others have hopes to someday retire on their own little piece of heaven, but today let’s focus on those who live the dream every day. Take a moment and allow yourself the simple pleasure of experiencing a country way of life with one very special lady.

Meet Lori, writer of the Day by Day the Farm Girl Way blog. There’s much more hidden behind that title, and the story begins on Lori’s ten acres in the Woodlands of Oklahoma with an orphan fawn named Daisy.  Lori raised Daisy, building a special bond that has brought so many blessings. Share the glory and heartbreak, mystery and miracles, through Lori’s well written posts and spectacular photography.

Day by Day Lori“The most influential teacher of my life has been Daisy deer, an orphaned fawn we raised. I still spend time with her in the woodlands… and I am still learning from her.” – Lori
Day by Day the Farm Girl Way

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Thank you for such a nice feature post on my blog, Amy. I thought it was special enough that you picked “Cookie” for one of the chick’s names! Ha ha! How is Cookie and the little tribe doing? They grow so fast… and I guess they need to with winter weather coming along before we know it! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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