Brooder Set-up Ideas to Simplify Raising Chicks

Raising chicks in a box somewhere in the house is not a very pleasant experience, at least after the first two weeks. Chicks are messy, and smelly if not constantly cleaned up after. This is difficult without a proper set-up. Without the right tools for any job means working twice as hard, and raising chicks is no exception.

Caring and housing chicks shouldn’t feel like a chore. The planing, building, and improving your set-up is half the fun. Just like anything else, once a hobby becomes a job it’s just not fun anymore.

Brooder Shed 92215

After years of looking for an easier way to raise chicks on a budget, this is what I came up with.

I had an 8×10 bare bones shed built with one window, two air flow vents, and a double door. Then the finishing was up to me, it took probably close to two years to afford everything.

Today it has painted walls, a tile floor, electric, and a custom made brooder to accommodate 50 chicks comfortably. All my supplies are handy, and any mess sweeps right out the door. I actually enjoy spending time in my brooder shed. My cute chicks, a window fan, soft music, and a cup of coffee. That my friends is how to enjoy your birds!

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2 thoughts on “Brooder Set-up Ideas to Simplify Raising Chicks”

  1. Oh… that’s my dream brooder! 🙂 We have a big plastic tub that we’ve used as a brooder, but like you said, the mess and smell in the house… eeeww, not very fun! We have a small shed that we insulated and kinda fixed up, it was our first coop until our flock out grew it. I’ve turned that into our brooder, I just put wood chips and/or straw down, add a heat lamp, and let the chicks have the run of it. Once they get older we let them out to free range but they still live in it until we butchering time or if they’re layers, we move them down to the barn with the others.

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