Chicks, Chicks, and More Chicks!

This little lady is a standard Silver Laced Cochin, she’s 3.5 weeks old and growing fast. I don’t usually raise standards, my preference is definitely bantams, but  sometimes we have to veer a little from the norm, right?

Right now there are Silkies in the brooder, cochins, and next month I’ll have eight Mille Fleur d’Uccle Bantams arriving. This will surely keep me busy through the winter. Come spring I’ll pick the birds I want to keep, and the rest will be sold. 

Silver Laced Cochin 100115

Cochin chickenIt is doubtful that any other single breed of chicken has inspired more people to keep poultry as a hobby or fancy. When the Cochin chicken made its debut outside of China it was met with astonishment, wonder, and awe. Continue Reading


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  1. I’ve been looking for some standard Cochins around here, but have yet to find what I am looking for… It seems the bantams are plentiful, standards not so much. I may have to bite the bullet and order some eggs for myself!

  2. I adore my blue Cochin Bantams!

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