Is Chicken Feed Waste a Problem? Try This!

Looking for a solution to help stop your birds from spilling feed all over the ground? This feeder may be just what you need. Not only is waste a problem, so are the wild birds attracted to the feeder where multiple chickens congregate. I hide my feeders in a somewhat successful attempt to keep the wild birds from seeing the chicken buffet. This feeder may be just what I’m looking for… thought I’d pass the info along to you.

If you’re handy, this feeder looks pretty simple to make! But, for the rest of us who are DIY challenged, here’s more information on this feeder.

About this Feeder
Poultry Bucket Feeder from Aquabarrel | Amazon

Do your birds toss their head around, billing out much of the feed? Do your birds kick dirt into the feeder? Is your feeder on the ground or installed at a height that they are pooping into the feeder? Do you leave food out only to have it soaked by rain and then go moldy? We use a recycled 4 gallon pail that was headed to the landfill and outfit it with our 90 degree, flanged overflow port. Now your poultry feed is kept dry with much less being billed out onto the ground. When elevated to a comfortable height for your poultry this feeder keeps feed clean and poop free. 13 x 9 x 9 inches ; 4 pounds

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  1. neilirving says:

    I will have to make one of them, great find

  2. Littlesundog says:

    Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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