Coyote Visits, Ends in Disaster at TBN Ranch

Dead, missing, and terrified chickens. A scenario more disturbing than any horror flick could ever portray. Some of my birds were just killed, others eaten with nothing left of their existence but a pile of feathers. Coyotes, no doubt. They don’t just take what they need to satisfy hunger, they kill just to kill, and often in large numbers.

So how did this happen? I’ve written time and time again how to protect a flock from predators. Unfortunately, I failed the simplest and most important step of all… to close the coop door at night.  I was tired, fell asleep and just plain forgot.  My fault, and I’m fessing up because I want everybody to remember that it only takes one time of neglect for something like this to happen.

All my young Silkie pullets, one hen, and Wilson, my rooster are gone. So sad, this will never, never, never happen again.

30 thoughts on “Coyote Visits, Ends in Disaster at TBN Ranch”

  1. I think it happens to all of us, at least once. It’s one of those defining moments, do you carry on or give up. Good luck with the chicks!

  2. I right there with you! I’ve had a coyote coming in during the day all winter. I
    Lost my rooster, my favorite hen and all my other favorites! Grrrrrrr!

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss! I always live in fear of forgetting to shut the door, too!

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