Trimming Chicken Nails, a Tutorial

Chicken Feet 5916Seems like a strange thing to have to do, but I have a hen that needs her nails trimmed occasionally. If let go, they begin to curl and effect her ability to walk correctly.  If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, clipping nails is rather simple and won’t be a big ordeal with a little know-how under your belt.  This article/tutorial is a bit of an over-kill, but it definitely gives you all the information you’ll ever need. Read Article

Source: Backyard Chickens (BYC)

Quick Stop

Don’t forget the Quick Stop (best styptic powder) just in case you clip too short, it’s always best to be prepared.
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Author: amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

amy elizabeth is a Backyard Chicken-Keeping Advocate & Consultant, Vintage Collector, & Author.