Planning for Fall Chicks

Summer is almost over and that means it time to plan for fall chicks. Unlike most parts around the country, Phoenix’s springtime doesn’t always give us the 8 weeks we need to get chicks from the brooders to grow pens before it’s too hot.  I like my pullets to be at least 12-16 weeks old before the 90 degree temps hit, and that could be as early as March.

We all have our preferences, and I’m sure chicken keepers in Phoenix all raise chicks their own way. But personally, I find it a lot easier to keep chicks warm, rather than trying to keep them cool.

What will TBN Ranch be hatching this year? Silkies of course… but we’ve also expanded to accommodate laying hens. After pondering over which breeds to buy, I finally decided on the Leghorn, Dominique, and Ameraucana. Not a big fan of the Ameraucana and their rather aloof personality, but I do appreciate the splash of color they contribute to the egg basket.

As you can see I’ve been busy painting coop signage too! Here’s a few pics of the breeds that will join our flock in the near future. Gosh, if I order them get the chicks in October they won’t be joining the flock until February or March of 2017…  sure does take a long time doesn’t it?








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