Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth?

When building a coop it can be fun using scrap materials, brainstorming ways to be creative, and save money. But all to often where you scrimped ends up costing you more later. One decision you might make for example, is to choose chicken wire for your flock’s enclosure…. Continue Reading


Chicken Fences: Chicken Wire Vs. Hardware Cloth Fencing Tips for Chicken Pens and Runs

If it’s called chicken wire, it must be for chickens, right? Not always. In most cases, hardware cloth is a better choice for your chicken fences… Read Article

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One thought on “Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth?”

  1. Totally agree. We made the mistake of chicken wire and are trying to slowly replace it all over time with hardware cloth. It is going to take awhile and I wish we had just done it that way the first time.

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