Coop is Ready for the Brutal Heat in Phoenix

The heat is creeping around the corner and once again we are preparing for the brutal days  ahead of summer in Phoenix!
The barn is ready with a new GIANT fan, repaired shade cloths, and new fasteners. New larger drinkers are in place, and numerous water troughs have been put in the different areas my chickens frequent. Even the hoses have been replaced!

With any luck at all, I won’t have anything to leak, break or blow/float away when it’s a billion degrees outside, or when the high winds of monsoon season arrive sometime in July.  In case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a glimpse of what happened just a few years ago. TBN Ranch in Ruins after Monsoon Micro Burst. Hope that NEVER happens again, pretty sure positive my insurance company agrees!

The Chicken Barn at TBN Ranch Today


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3 thoughts on “Coop is Ready for the Brutal Heat in Phoenix”

  1. Wisconsin may have some bizarre weather patterns, but at least we don’t have those temps in May all the way through June/July!!! That’s BRUTAL!!!

      1. Yea- true.. that 2 weeks of too far below zero was kinda rough!! Perfect weather would be nice… But I suppose, a little too much to ask….. hehehe….

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