Causes and Solutions for Chickens Losing Feathers

by Treats for Chickens

Photo: This is “NoName” {she’s a hard molter} Talk about a bad feather day, eh?
Chicken feather loss and what looks like your chickens balding is a sad case of yearly molting. All chickens are going to go through molt differently but the causes of feather loss varies from chicken to chicken and coop to coop.  Alright, let’s get down to business. Your chickens losing feathers isn’t cool. Especially since this odd feather loss situation with molting takes place just as the temperatures drop and you’d be thinking that your chickens need their feathers for all sorts of reasons… like staying warm!  In order to get a handle on chicken feather loss we need to first identifying the correct and real underlying problem.  I put a shout out for questions on feather loss on Instagram and put together the most… Continue Reading