Tractor Supply Co. Offers Curbside Pick-up

During these uncertain times, it’s understandably a worry when you have shop for the farm or pick up feed. I want to pass some reassurance your way and give TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) a big thumbs up for having online shopping with curbside pick-up. I was able to get everything I needed, called when I arrived to the store and my order (a truck load) was brought out by an employee who put it all in my truck!  No worries, shop TSC if you have one in your neck of the woods.

Author: amy elizabeth

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3 thoughts on “Tractor Supply Co. Offers Curbside Pick-up”

  1. Our local farm store is family-owned, and offers the same service. Orders can be done by phone or online so no in-person transaction is needed.
    My only gripe with TSC is that they tend to offer a lot of products from China. We buy made in USA products whenever possible, even if it costs more.

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