Hen and Hatch-a-Longs Join the Flock

Hen Brings Her Two Week old Chicks To the Outdoor Run to Join the Flock

Having a hen raise chicks is a natural and effective way to ensure they receive the care and nurturing they need to thrive. Not to mention, it’s so much easier to have a hen raise chicks. Brooder chicks require more work, which is time-consuming and can be challenging at times.
Hens are maternal animals and have a strong instinct to care for their offspring. They know how to keep the chicks warm, protect them from danger, and teach them how to find food and water.
These two little fuzzy butts are hatch-a-longs, meaning I introduced day-old chicks to my broody Silkie on day 21 of her dedicated broody cycle. She has been kept in the coop with her babies since day one and has done an incredible job keeping them safe from the rest of the flock. On week two she brought them out of the coop to join the flock in the outdoor run. As you can see in this short video, total harmony.

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