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Coop or Free Roam?

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Every good chicken keeper knows the importance of protecting their birds from predators. Most of us will, or already have lost birds to a coyote, hawk, fox, bobcat, etc, etc. It’s devastating to see the after mass, I know, it’s … Continue reading

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Fall Chicks Arrive!

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It’s that time of year for chicks in Arizona, and we couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to the dreadful heat of summer. Our first lot of chicks are Welsummer, Wyandotte, and Australorp. Next month we hatch Silkies! This is … Continue reading

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Planning for Fall Chicks

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Summer is almost over and that means it time to plan for fall chicks. Unlike most parts around the country, Phoenix’s springtime doesn’t always give us the 8 weeks we need to get chicks from the brooders to grow pens … Continue reading

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Chickens, Chores, and Blessings

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Meet Dottie, she’s a LeghornX at almost 3 months and my little trooper in the desert heat. Smart and resourceful to say the least. Unlike the other members of the flock, she cools off in the little pool provided and … Continue reading

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New Custom Brooder

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Ready for my fall chicks with this totally customized brooder! Hubby spent countless weekends designing and building this beautiful addition to my brooder shed.  The interior can be divided into two sections, both are designed for radiant heating as well … Continue reading

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