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What’s going on in the chicken yard.

Flock Bunny

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Meet Jasmine, she has lived with our chickens for years. Eats with them from the feeder, lays in the shade among her feathered friends, even raises her babies next to the coop. Jasmine isn’t stupid, she’s found a little piece … Continue reading

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Urban Chickens Fall Victim to Predators Too

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amy elizabeth | Bobcat Kills Hen at TBN Ranch This past year has been our worst ever for predator attacks. For twelve years, not a one, now, in 2016 we’ve had five. Three were by coyotes, one by a hawk, … Continue reading

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Disabled Dottie

Meet Dottie, Miss Injury Queen. Her comb has gotten so big and heavy it has flopped over to one side limiting her vision primarily to one eye. Floppy combs are somewhat common for Leghorns, and it’s not usually a problem. … Continue reading

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