Treat Guide for Chickens

What kind of treats are best for chickens? 

Chickens are funny creatures, some will eat anything you put in front of them. Others, like my Silkies Bantams won’t touch anything but layer pellets, rolled oats, and watermelon. When they are free roaming they pick at a little grass, and grab a bug or two, but they are even picky about which bugs are a suitable snack.  😦
I’d given up bringing my Silkie girls snacks from our farm kitchen, but I will take the advice from the Chicken Chick, offer up some healthy goodies and see what happens!
This article will help you make wise decisions when choosing nutritious treats for your flock.

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Skunk – Chicken Predators – How To Protect Your Chickens

Skunks (also known as polecats in the USA) are medium size mammals, probably best known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong, unpleasant odor. There are four species of skunks: the hooded skunk, the striped skunk, the spotted skunk, and the scarce hog-nosed skunk. The most common of the four is the striped skunk. Read Article

By: BYC Project Manager and support Backyard Chickens
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Solutions for Spraddle Leg

Spraddle Leg and Curled Toes in Baby Chicks | Prevention and Treatment

What is Spraddle Leg?

Spraddle Legs is a condition when baby chicks can’t get their feet under them to walk. Here’s what you can do to treat this condition…
Hopefully you will never have to worry about a chick with spraddle leg ( also called splayed leg), but as is the case with everything else chicken-related, it’s always best to be prepared …just in case… Read Article

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