Homemade Suet for Chickens

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Excess fat in your chickens’ diet should be limited, just as it should in your own diet.  But when it comes to providing an excellent energy source in the cold weather, you just can’t beat fat… Continue Reading

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Should You Have Backyard Chickens?

Is Chicken Hobby Farming for You? What About Children With Chickens?
Although it is great that such a large number of people have become interested in the ‘backyard chicken’  movement, there are many that are not as well informed as they should be before jumping in with both feet…

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Laying Hens and How Light Effects Egg Production

  • Are your Chickens Laying Less Frequent?
  • This Article May Help you Understand Why.

Are your chickens laying fewer eggs recently? If you haven’t made any big changes to how you’re caring for them, there’s a good chance the lack of eggs is caused by the shorter daytime hours.
Chickens need a full 14-16 hours of daylight each day to lay their best, and this time of year, they won’t receive enough anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Article by Murray McMurray Hatchery
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More on Composting with Chickens

Whether you have a large or small chicken yard, just a couple chickens or hundreds, you can still have chickens help you with your compost.
The best way is to just throw all your compostable materials right into the chicken yard. It will better utilize their manure by incorporating it with the other materials, instead of causing mud, rain runoff and compacted dirt & manure…

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Further Reading on Composting Manure

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