Sexing Chicks

A Video on How to Determine the Sex of Chicks

A tour of a mass production hatchery, experts show the technique for sexing day old chicks. Chick hatching from an egg is included in video.

I must warn you,  a chicks first day of  life is a rather bumpy adventure.

Note:  This technique is used successfully on chicks no older than two days.

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Three Easy Ways to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

I have never been a fan of peeling a hard boiled egg. I’m not sure why, but in comparison to shelf eggs, my own farm eggs seem especially difficult to peel. I’ve done a little research on the the different ways to peel an egg, try them all and see which one works best for you.
Remember, like everything else, practice makes perfect!

 Boil and Roll
Cook eggs and cool in cold water. Crack the egg shell at each end by tapping the egg on a hard surface. Be sure to crush the *air pocket at the large end of the egg. Place the egg on its side on the counter and roll it forward one full turn keeping the palm of your hand firmly down on the top of the egg. Place the egg into a bowl of warm water. The entire shell will slip right off.

Using the side of a teaspoon, start in the middle of the egg and tap it all the way around to the other side breaking the shell as you go. Peel off a little of the shell and membrane anyplace where the shell has been compromised, just enough to gently insert a teaspoon. With the bowl of the spoon facing the egg, run the spoon around the curve of the egg, the shell will easily come off and the egg will pop right out.

I saved the best for last…

Blow It!

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