Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth?

Chicken Wire 220

amy elizabeth | TBN Ranch
 When building a coop it can be fun using scrap materials, brainstorming ways to be creative, and save money. But all to often where you scrimped ends up costing you more later. One decision you might make for example, is to choose chicken wire for your flock’s enclosure…. Continue Reading


Chicken Fences: Chicken Wire Vs. Hardware Cloth Fencing Tips for Chicken Pens and Runs

If it’s called chicken wire, it must be for chickens, right? Not always. In most cases, hardware cloth is a better choice for your chicken fences… Read Article

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Broody Hens, Behavior and How to Handle It

Need a better understanding of the broody hen? Here’s a few articles that will help you address this behavior.

Tips on Breaking the Broody Hen
amy elizabeth | TBN Ranch

Definition of Broody: A hen with strong instincts to hatch eggs, whether or not they are fertile, or even present in the nest.
The Signs: Your hen won’t leave the nest, appears to not be eating, her feathers are all fluffed up, she’s pale, and lethargic. These are classic signs of the broody hen. First of all she isn’t starving, she is eating and drinking, but it’s low on her list of priorities… Read Article

What is a Broody Hen and How to Deal With It
McMurray Hatchery Blog

It is normal for hens to “go broody” and some breeds are more prone to go broody than others. We thought we’d share some general information with you… Read Article

FYI… Chicken Breeds with Broody Tendencies

If you are only interested in egg production than you may not want to purchase chicks that have broody tendencies.  Broody hens can be troublesome, so if your not looking for a mother hen, here are the breeds you may want to avoid… Read Article

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How To Find A Good Chicken Sitter – Hobby Farms

Leaving your chickens can be difficult—and finding a chicken sitter who understands your birds’ routines can be even more difficult. Here’s what to look for.

Source: How To Find A Good Chicken Sitter – Hobby Farms

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