Feathers and Fur

Meet Jasmine, she’s raising her babies in my chicken coop. She isn’t afraid of me, and the hens are pretty sure she’s just a goofy looking long-eared chicken. Home is where you’re comfortable, safe, and a place where nobody cares if you’re wearin’ feathers or fur.
Bunny 3-28-15


Bunnies in the Coop

Apparently the unoccupied chicken coop I moved the hens to while the new barn is being built isn’t vacant after all. This morning I found these cute baby bunnies sharing living quarters with my ladies.
Baby Bunnies 8-26-14

Is there room for another fuzzy butt in there?

Silkie 8-26-14

Bunnies on the Ranch

We have two new boarders on our little farm… and this time it’s not horses! They’ve traveled all the way from Florida and will stay here until their family finds a house.

Aren’t they cute?

Garden Woes

TBN Ranch Bunnies

After planting a billion sunflower seeds the last surviving seedling has been devoured by rabbits. I have a rabbit problem here, they live and breed everywhere, in the hay room, under the feed shed, even the chicken coops. This morning a new litter of tiny bunnies were found under one of the chicken shelters.

I’m beginning to realize what I can plant and what’s a big waste of time. Cactus are never bothered, so I thought maybe all thorny vegetation would survive and planted a beautiful pink rose bush.  Well yesterday morning it was nothing more than a near naked bald stick in the ground.  Off to the shed I went and got four stakes and some chicken wire in hopes of saving it.

Pink Rose Bush
Pink rose stick bush

I hate chicken wire, handling this jagged and unruly material is like volunteering to bleed to death. By the time this unscheduled chore was complete the temperature was 95 degrees, my arms were half shredded and I was toast.

And another thing,  why are wire cutters always substandard? I now have four pair, even the expensive ones work hardly better than if I chewed the wire off with my teeth. Ibuprofen should be shrink wrapped to this inadequate time consuming tendonitis causing tool. So all  this drama for one little rose bush. Maybe I’m overlooking the obvious… perhaps my forte is raising rabbits, not gardens.

Ranch Bunnies

We already have a donkey, now here are the other ‘long ears’ that make TBN Ranch their home.

I’m not sure why the ranch has so many bunnies, these are two of maybe fifty or more. They have their babies under my hay stack in the feed room when it’s cooler, and under the tack shed when it’s hot. They spend the day under my huge ocitillo in the front yard that offers shade and at dusk come to graze on the grass in the back yard. I have dogs that chase them and a near disaster occurs daily, but they continue to flirt with death day in and day out. I don’t feed them but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t put water out for them. Especially now that 112 degrees seems to be an everyday torture here in Phoenix. It is rather concerning that they are probably carrying hitchhikers, I can’t treat bunnies for fleas but my dogs are on a 30 day flea control product all year round. Thank you very much guys for that expense, oh well, they’re cute aren’t they?