Jasmine, Another Flock Bunny Story

Jasmine has been talked about here often, she is a wild bunny that joined our flock of chickens years ago. She is always in or around the barn, and most of the day, hangs out under a shade tree with our free roam hens. She very often has babies stashed in the holes and tunnels she digs in the barn.  She gathers chicken feathers for her nest and quite diligently tends to her young. And then… when they are old enough to meet the outside world, she moves them somewhere during the night.  Once in a great while I see her youngsters, but as a rule, she hides them.

Again, this morning Jasmine is looking for the proper place to make a new hole for her soon expecting babies. She never uses the same hole, which for obvious reasons I’m NOT a fan of. Nevertheless, it is what it is, and I just go along with bunny nature.

Yes Jasmine!  Under the brooder coop, that’s a great place for you to dig a hole, tunnel, and completely destroy. At least there I won’t likely step in it and further tweak my already tweaked back. Well, Jasmine didn’t think so, and went on to find a better spot. And this is where she picked…

Here? Really Jasmine? She decided the chicken coop is a great place to dig a hole for her baby nursery. Right smack in the middle of a 10×10 chicken coop. Ah yes, now there’s a perfect spot, perfect for me to step in and fall to China everyday.

There’s no discouraging Jasmine from a chosen spot, she’ll tunnel from Timbuktu to get where she wants to be.  Like I said, bunny nature, just go with it.  After all, a bunny mom knows best.



Flock Bunny

Meet Jasmine, she has lived with our chickens for years. Eats with them from the feeder, lays in the shade among her feathered friends, even raises her babies next to the coop. Jasmine isn’t stupid, she’s found a little piece of heaven in the brutal desert heat where mist systems and fans keep her comfortable.
At night when the chickens are confined, Jasmine has her own evening agenda, like eating/destroying all my plants around the barn, or digging giant holes… sometimes both. Oh well,  there’s a trouble maker in every flock right? Mine just has big ears and a cotton tail.


Jasmine, Flock Bunny

This is Jasmine, she has lived among our flock of chickens for years. She usually waits for the hens to leave the coop, then sneaks in and eats their food. She lives under a pallet in the feed room, when she has babies, there’s a nearby hole in the corner of the barn, pretty sure she keeps them way down in there. I’ve seen her take hay, shavings, or whatever else she can find down there for nesting material. Once she destroyed my broom, I guess the bristles where quite a find for her building project. Last winter a quilted moving blanket used to cover my coop was shredded to bits! The cool thing about that was only the stuffing in the blanket was used, she left the outer material, wanting only the soft fill for her babies.

Jasmine 61916

Bunny 5-4-14

Jasmine will join the flock to eat when fresh greens are offered, they all seem to live in harmony. It is not uncommon to see them all gathered around the drinker, Jasmine hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care that she’s a little different from her chicken family. However, oddly enough, she never raises her babies to be flock bunnies. All her young are briefly introduced, then never to be seen again.

After a devastating monsoon storm that destroyed our barn in 2014, two coyote and hawk attacks, feral cats, and one resident bunny killin’ dog, Jasmine is still here. Tough ol’ gal!