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This looks like the caliber of a Donald Trump chicken coop, but there’s something here that could easily be incorporated into a coop owned by the rest  of us more common folk. I like the natural tree branch perches, and the best part is they’re free!  Just an idea… and I think our birds would appreciate them too.

Coop designs and ideas:


Ultimate Chicken Coops

Looking for a gorgeous chicken coop?  Once again I’m amazed at all the cool chicken coops out there. These are  great, I didn’t want to ruin the fantasy of actually being able to afford them, so I didn’t look at the price… but they look spendy.

Visit The Green Chicken Coop to see more.

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Looking for a chicken coop? I have collected HUNDREDS of pictures that will assist you in your search for the perfect set-up. Whether you are looking for large, small, unique, creative, or the extravagant coop, this is an opportunity to explore your options in one convenient place.

Chicken Coop Building Plans Too!

My love for chicken coops has blossomed to a full fledged obsession; therefore my collection is constantly growing.

I hope you are inspired by other chicken keeper’s creative ideas, be sure to visit often for new finds.

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Dog House Chicken Coop, Great Ideas!

Looking for coop ideas or building plans? Here’s a few alternative choices to consider. has super nice dog houses that are perfectly suitable as chicken coops. You can put burlap, or plastic draft strips over the opening, or be creative and build a door yourself. Posts or cinder blocks would work nicely to raise the structure off the ground. Some of the shelters are insulated too! Click HERE to get more information on these houses, there are many more to choose from.

One of many pet shelters from
One of many pet shelters from
Find it at
Find it at

Or build your own… plans and materials available HERE for the shelter below.

Lowes Dog House 3
Build your own

Need some ideas on how to best use a dog house as a chicken coop? Here’s a couple links to pictures of dog houses used as chicken coops within an enclosure, or attached to a run. BackYardChickens and my own chicken coop dog house right here at TBN Ranch.

Buy a shelter or build one, but being inexpensively creative with chicken housing is half the fun of raising chickens. Don’t overlook the possibility of finding used dog houses or suitable shelter on craig’s list. I do it all the time! 

More Amazing Chicken Coops

This chicken coop below gave me the idea of simply modifying an out building. Mine doesn’t need to be this big, but Tuff Shed or comparable shed builders offer buildings in all different sizes. I priced a 6X8 shed with a window, built and painted for less than $1,000

These nest boxes affixed to the interior would be very nice to have, however, a shelf affixed to the wall with free standing next boxes will work fine.

This roost is perfect, the flat board will make scrapping the droppings a snap, and I really like the shelf below to aid in quick clean-ups.
Neither the nest boxes or roost would be difficult to attach to the interior walls of a shed, whether they are finished or not.  I like the dry wall in these pictures, but it’s merely a luxury…  and, an added expense.
It looks like the feeders have been hung below the shelf, another great idea to help minimize feed waste.

I like this chicken run, it looks like an easy build. Predator proof, but the wire mesh is not going to keep the wild birds from entering and consuming expensive chicken feed.
In the next photo I found a better choice of wire, and suitable hardware as a fastener.