Building Plans for Nest Box with Perch for Chickens

These are the building plans my husband used to build this AWESOME nest box for my hens.  Considering the fact that he had to buy a table saw and tools for this project,  I certainly can’t say it was a bargain! Nevertheless, still a worthy investment, and a huge accomplishment for his first time building anything.  Thank you Dan! 🙂

Nest Box Plans

Stylish Nest Boxes… Oh Yeah!

If you keep chickens then you know how important privacy is to our precious ladies. Keeping them happy with a suitable place to lay eggs means you’ll find them in the same place every day.  I understand this theory, and do indeed offer them privacy… but my idea of privacy consists of a piece of burlap and a staple gun. Ugh.

But, look what I found! Louise’s Country Closet has come up with a much better idea for our ladies, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one taken by this expression of chicken love.

nest box curtains
Awww, How cute is that?

Making Nest Box Curtains
by Louise’s Country Closet

Having a plain coop is boring. I’ve made it my mission this year to dress it up a little bit for the girls.. give them and us something nice to look at… Read Article.