Hatching Day has Passed, Still Hopeful

There are five eggs under my Silkie hen since August 1st around 4pm. That means yesterday should have been hatch day… here it is Monday, and nothing. I know a little late is still ok, but I’m starting to think something has gone wrong.
I didn’t candle the eggs, so who knows what’s going on. The hen has not abandoned the nest, so I’m just going to hope that there’s still a chance.
It was brutally hot here during week two, temperatures soared to 117, which is crazy for this time of year. We should be right around 104 in August. For now, we just wait and see if this hatch is a fail, if so, we try again.

Day 21, Hatch Day

Peaches is waiting for her little miracles to hatch either today or tomorrow. We are both hopeful for success.

Hatch Day Cochins 15

Selecting Spring Chicks

Murray McMurray’s April 1st selection of available chicks is indeed slim pickin’s. Hope you’re looking males only, because everything else is unavailable or of limited quantity. If you’re not looking for anything too specific, there are some choices.

Towards the end of April availability improves, especially for the more popular breeds. You can see their hatching schedule HERE.

Selection is skimpy, but it does buy me time to decide what I want.  The big question is how many. All the chicks I want are sold in a straight run only, meaning a minimum of 25 chicks & they aren’t sexed. This is a huge problem, I’ll be the one for sure to get what I can’t have… 24 roosters. That presents an even bigger problem, what to do with them!

City ordinance states NO ROOSTERS, however, I hear roosters crowing in the neighborhood every day, hmmm… my law abiding nature is indeed being tested.

This is Jojo, my 1/2 Silkie cross

The ideal situation for me would be to have Silkie hens and one Rooster. There is a market for Silkies here in Phoenix and I’d love to breed and sell them.  What I need is a Silkie stud service.  I wonder if there’s a Rooster for Rent category on Craigslist… checking now. Think?