Our Silkies and Millie Fleur d’Uccle

Three Silkies and one Millie Fleur d’Uccle at one month, and six weeks old.

At Six Weeks…

Keeping these gals in the brooder a bit longer, probably until at minimum, eight weeks. Silkies seem to mature a bit slower than other breeds. The Mille Fleur up front is nicely feathered, but the Silkie behind still has open areas lacking fluff. Temps are mild here during the day, around mid 70’s, but at night temps drop to about 48.
The chicks are in a large draft-free brooder inside a shed with radiant heat available to them. The large double doors are open during the day and closed at night. The window provides natural light, preparing them for the transition to the coop. I do however provide a night light for the first two weeks. The shed is insulated and heated, but the heat is rarely used, unless the chicks are really young or the temps drop below 50… which is rare.

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