I.D. Bracelets for Your Flock

On my farm there have been many chickens over the years. Every chick originally belonged to a specific flock with a clever name that would reminded me of the year they hatched. For instance, the last presidential election my newly acquired hatchlings  became the flock named after after the wives of the presidential candidates, First Ladies.

As time went by new chicks were added and before I knew it there were birds from years ago mixed in with previous flocks.  It can be hard to remember which hen belonged to what flock, and what year is even tougher.

I decided to keep track of my birds by using an ankle bracelet of the same color for each flock. Now with just a glance I know how old a hen is by which flock she was a member of. This is nothing new to chicken keepers, but the ankle bracelets made for this purpose are pretty spendy. They come in a million sizes, none of which seem right, and they are all offered in bags of a gazillion. So, I came up with an inexpensive alternative.

Bright colored, weather resistant, easy to adjust for size, lightweight, and CHEAP. Neon Zip Ties! They are available at most any hardware, or electronic store, or you can get a whole bag for about $7  online at amazon.

Neon Zip Tie I.D. Bracelets

If you have any ideas to share about chicken-keeping, please share in the comment box below. Thanks!

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch