Nest Box Ideas for Your Coop

There are lots of nest box choices out there to buy, but if you’d rather be creative, here’s some very creative ideas to inspire you!
Creative Nest Box Ideas

Bumblefoot in your Flock

Tiny Silkie Chicks, Not so Tiny Anymore

Sure do grow fast don’t they?

Chickens and Predators, the Battleground

Harris Hawk

We all know about the danger of predators and keeping chickens. But sometimes our busy lives get in the way, and we tend to put off mending that fence or coop door latch until tomorrow. After all, none of us think we’ll ever tell the story of our own chicken yard slaughter.

The ugly horror of a vicious attack by a predator is an unpleasant thought indeed, but a necessary one. We learn to be better chicken keepers through mistakes. Experience is acquired through trial and error, but don’t underestimate the importance of awareness.