Chicks and Heat Lamps | Red or Clear?

When a Brooder Lamp is Necessary…

If your chicks are in a small brooder, they’ll most likely become agitated if unable to escape from an annoying light. Uncomfortable living conditions can lead to pecking each other, a problem that you definitely want to avoid.

I’m not at all a fan of the clear white bulbs and switched a long time ago to red. They provide a calming environment, and as a bonus, any minor pecking that’s caused an injury is better disguised under a red lamp.

Heat Lamps have Different Wattages

Most feed stores only carry 250 watt heat lamps, but if you’re finding the brooder too hot, there are lower wattage bulbs available. You can often find 50, 75 and 100 watt heat bulbs in the reptile section of pet stores, or online.

Does your Brooder Have Comfort Zones?
It’s easy to tell, you should see some birds huddled together under the heat source, some resting alone, some scratching in the litter, and some eating.

A Much Better Option

Research using a radiant heat brooder instead of a heat lamp!

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