The Kind of Eggs you Buy Matter

Hens make a huge contribution to us all everyday. By better understanding egg labels we can help make a difference in their living conditions. Just remember, our voice does count, the consumer holds ALL the power!

Decoding Egg Labels

There is a big difference between the conventional eggs that sell for $1.69 and the certified organic eggs that sell for $4.99 — it’s a lot to do with how the chickens are handled (abused vs. humanely treated).

You may not want to pay up for the organic eggs, but once you realize what goes into producing those eggs, you will. Read article / Slide show by Kitchen Daily.

This article will help you decode all those labels so you can get to the bottom of what each one means — it’s made it easy for you by pointing out the recommended ones.

Special thanks to Eva, awareness is the key to change.