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Since my book Trail of Trials entered the book market, I can’t say sales have soared, but then again I certainly didn’t write this book in hopes of great wealth. The most important thing in this writing adventure was having a goal and riding it out until it was finished, which isn’t exactly one of my greatest virtues.  It took four years to write, six months to edit and seven final manuscripts before I was ready to shop for a publisher. The driven force behind me to finish this book was to finally have an answer rather than an excuse to a redundant question asked by family and friends. Perhaps a great incentive, but I sure was tired of hearing, “How’s your book coming along, is it finished yet?

I may always be plagued with procrastination, but I did indeed beat it once, and it’s titled Trail of Trials, a Collection of Western Folk Poetry.

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Poet-author amy elizabeth takes readers on a unique and inspiring lyrical journey and adventure as she unleashes her poetic prowess in Trail of Trials. This book is a wonderful collection of Western Folk poetry that touches on diverse themes such as life, love, and cowboyin’. Each poem in this anthology tells a beautiful story that taps anyone’s senses to understand its deep meaning. Take an exciting ride into the world of love as some of these poems awaken the dormant feelings deep within you. Find more surprises and truth through the poems about life, and experience fun and adventure in the poems about cowboyin’ and so much more.

Sneak Preview…

Glory Beyond the Gate

Down in the corral, she stood alone,
That ol’ woolly mare, a champion gray roan.
I knew what she was thinkin’, I could see,
She was thinkin’ rodeo and how it used to be.

She’d prob’ly been run plum near to death,
An’ turned out for a spell till she caught her breath.
The cowboy who brought her hadn’t much to say,
Except he’d be back, then winked as he walked away.

Summer was creeping into fall and I still hadn’t heard,
I then searched my memory where I’d buried his parting words.
I remembered him handin’ me that tattered rope,
Mumblin’ somethin’ ‘bout fate and never losin’ hope.

I knew that mare wasn’t doin’ us no good standin’ around
An’ prob’ly was more than willin’ to kick up a ‘lil ground.
I’d gambled with time watchin’ the years come an’ go,
Tellin’ yesterday’s stories till they were too many times told.

I thought about saddlin’ her, feelin’ a bit ashamed,
I was askin’ her to learn me a lot between those reins.
I gotta say, it was more than a spell since I rode,
An’ at her game most likely I’d get rattled or even throwed.

I reckon she knew my confidence was pretty dang low,
But knew how to learn an ol’ cowgirl what she needed to know.
She once ran at the top of her game, a champion at turnin’ cans,
Now at eighteen she stood even prouder at just barely fifteen hands.

I hadn’t much to show for and always a little short on luck,
But that cowboy never came back, I think he knew I’d given up.
He’d retired that mare when he brought her to my ranch,
Givin’ her a job and offerin’ me the gift of one more chance.

She may have seen her day, but my glory beyond the gate
Was to finish correct, even if she carried me a tad too late.
So I asked of her just one more task,
Was the look in her eye that told me to ask.

I ran that mare on a Saturday night knowin’ she was a winner,
But this time it was all about confidence and learnin’ the beginner.
She had a willingness that shined brighter than a hundred silver buckles,
So I grabbed that horn till I could pert near see the white of my knuckles.

She turned them barrels not missin’ a pocket
An’ passed those timers like a smokin’ gray rocket.
She passed through the gate cuttin’ me no slack
An’ slid to a stop with me miraculously still on her back.

It was no longer about makin’ a dime,
But sharing the wisdom she gathered over time.
If only in heart, she certainly earned her keep,
She was my ladder up a mountain once way too steep.

amy elizabeth, Trail of Trials ©2011

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