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Understanding the Molting Process


Molting is a natural process that chickens go through annually so they can replenish and replace their feathers. Chickens need to grow new feathers to allow them to effectively regulate their body temperature especially those in colder environments.
Chickens will molt several times during their lives. The first molt is called a “juvenile” molt and occurs when they are only 6 – 8 days old… Continue Reading

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Hello From the Chicken Yard

Finally the girls are able to enjoy their days in weather that isn’t 115 degrees. Only 95 today! Probably still seems hot to most folks, but not to the chickens here in Phoenix. They’ve stepped away from the mist systems and fans to do what they like best, scratching around in the dirt looking for treats.

Nights are in the 60’s and I’m certain the hens think they’ve died and gone to heaven. 

It may still feel like summer, but they all know it’s time for new winter duds… and the molt begins

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The Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken SizeThe majestic Brahma is an old breed with its roots far back in time; as with many heritage breeds, the exact genetic makeup of this bird is unknown.
Historians have reconstructed the likely origins of this noble bird from clues left in…  Continue Reading

Source: The Happy Chicken Coop

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