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Here, you will find all the information you need to raise happy, healthy chickens. Whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting out, our website is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about these amazing animals. Our goal is to help you raise a happy, healthy flock from brooder to coop and beyond.

A learning center to help you care for your backyard flock. A library of Chicken Keeping Articles, Problem Solving Information, Facts, Ancestry, Genetics, Charts & Diagrams, Raising Chicks, Broodies & Incubation, Feeding, Managing the Flock, and more.

This is where you’ll find articles and general information about chicken keeping. A vast collection of valuable articles written by chicken keepers from across the globe.

In this article, we will provide a beginner’s guide to raising chicks, including tips on how to prepare for their arrival & how to care for them during their first few weeks of life
Research, have a plan, be prepared, and know what to expect; these four things will help ease your commitment, so there’s more time to enjoy your birds.

In a Hurry?

Raising chickens can be a fulfilling experience, but sometimes you’ll be faced with challenges. We address some of those common challenges here with answers to assist you in caring for your flock.

There are many different breeds of chickens, each with its unique characteristics. Some breeds are known for their egg-laying ability, producing large quantities of eggs consistently. Others are raised for their meat and are known for their large size and meaty bodies. Some breeds are known for their ornamental value and are kept for their beautiful plumage.

Traditional Coops: These are the most basic type of coop. They typically have a small enclosed area for the chickens to sleep and lay eggs, and a larger, fenced-in area for them to roam and forage.
Portable Coops: These coops are designed to be easily moved, making them a good choice for people who want to rotate their chickens’ grazing area.
Unique/Custom Coops: These coops are built to the specific needs and preferences of the owner. They may be made from a variety of materials and can be any size or shape.
Huge Coops, Build Your Own

A list of our favorite online hatcheries for specific breeds.
Where to buy sexed chicks.
Where to buy pullets & hens.
Hatcheries that ship only a few chicks.

Frequently asked questions organized in a question-and-answer format covering a wide range of topics related to raising chickens. These resources will assist you in caring for and better understanding your flock.

Visit TBN Ranch; enjoy a tour of our property located in the lower reaches of the Sonoran Desert. The photo gallery showcases a variety of our beloved chickens and all the precious animals who have touched our lives. Our chickens are raised in spacious open-air barns with plenty of room to roam.

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