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Chicken Christmas Wreath

Found this somewhere on FB, what a great idea! 

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Merry Christmas from TBN Ranch

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Deep Litter Method in the Coop

Using the Deep Litter Method in the Coop
Plus Other Ways to Prepare your Backyard Chickens for Winter
By Harvey Ussery /Countryside Daily

Using the deep litter method during the cold winter months works the best for me and my flock. Here in the mid-Atlantic, Zone 6b, winter means that water routinely freezes, plants are dormant, and days are considerably shorter—and nights… Continue Reading 

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, we pretty much don’t have a winter, so I found this article to help those who do! Hope you find it helpful.

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Australorp Chickens: A Comprehensive Care Guide

The Australorp is a fairly recent arrival on the chicken scene, but in it’s relatively short history it has made a huge impression on chicken keepers and the poultry industry the world over… Continue Reading

Source: The Happy Chicken Coop

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Frizzle Chicken: Breed Profile, Care Guide and More…

What, you may ask is a frizzle? It is most definitely a chicken, but a chicken with a very unusual look and some special needs to go with the look. They are fun, conspicuous and lovable – what more can … Continue reading

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