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The Primary Purpose of this blog is to provide information to the backyard urban chicken keeper. TBN Ranch is a small hobby farm located in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert. We raise, care for, and manage a variety of hens, and in return, they bring fresh farm eggs to our table.

TBN Ranch and content contributors are here to help you raise a happy healthy flock, from brooder, to coop, and beyond.

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  • Raising Baby Chicks
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Informative Articles

Hundreds of articles written for chicken keepers, by chicken keepers.
Thank you to all our content contributors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers for common problems in chicken keeping. These resources will assist you care for and better understand your flock.

Raising Baby Chicks

Preparing for, and managing baby chicks.
Everything you need to know, step by step.
Research, have a plan, be prepared, and know what to expect, these four things will help ease your commitment so there’s more time to enjoy your birds.

Find the Right Coop

  • Over a 1,000 coop types
  • Traditional
  • Huge
  • Unique
  • Build Your Own

Breed Profiles & Characteristics

  • Temperament
  • Egg Size
  • Egg Color
  • Egg Production
  • Primary Use
  • Weight

Online Hatcheries & Suppliers

Our farm’s favorite suppliers for mail order chicks and supplies for good chicken keeping practices.

Photo Gallery

Visit TBN Ranch, Enjoy a tour of our property, the chicken coops, meet our chickens, livestock, and precious companion animals.