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We aren’t famous, and our website isn’t fancy. We are just regular folks who raise chickens on what we consider a pretty special 1.5-acre hobby farm located in the densely populated territory of the desert Southwest. We built this website 12 years ago and are continually dedicated to providing informative articles and valuable resources to the urban chicken keeper. Our goal is to help you raise a happy, healthy flock from brooder to coop and beyond.

Resource Directory

A learning center to help you care for your backyard flock. A library of Chicken Keeping Articles, Problem Solving Information, Facts, Ancestry, Genetics, Charts & Diagrams, Raising Chicks, Broodies & Incubation, Feeding, Managing the Flock, and More.

Articles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken Keepers

This is where you’ll find articles and general information about chicken keeping. A vast collection of valuable articles written by chicken keepers from across the globe.
We greatly appreciate & welcome articles from content contributors; you can submit an informative piece for consideration to with Article Submission in the subject box.

Raising Baby Chicks

Everything you need to know, step by step, to prepare for, and manage baby chicks.
Research, have a plan, be prepared, and know what to expect; these four things will help ease your commitment, so there’s more time to enjoy your birds. Read Article

Find the Right Coop Over 500 to view!

Research what coop best fits your needs, keeping in mind how many birds you’ll keep and the space you have for the set-up.
Traditional, Huge, Unique , Build Your Own

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers for common problems in chicken keeping. These resources will assist you in caring for and better understanding your flock. Many thanks to our content contributors for sharing their knowledge. 🙂

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