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TBN Ranch raises laying hens and ornamental/exhibition varieties since 2010, with a special focus on the Silkie Bantam & Mille Fleur d’Uccle.

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Mille Fleur d’Uccle pullet



Retired Pet Stylist

N.D.G.A.A. Certified All Breed Pet Stylist for 37 dedicated years.


My Book, Trail of Trials

Poet-author amy elizabeth takes readers on a unique and inspiring lyrical journey and adventure as she unleashes her poetic prowess in Trail of Trials. This book is a wonderful collection of Western Folk poetry that touches on diverse themes such as life, love, and cowboyin’. Each poem in this anthology tells a beautiful story that taps anyone’s senses to understand its deep meaning. Take an exciting ride into the world of love as some of these poems awaken the dormant feelings deep within you. Find more surprises and truth through the poems about life, and experience fun and adventure in the poems about cowboyin’ and so much more.
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New Cowboy Poetry Book Coming Soon


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